Pizza Week kicks off this Sunday and here’s everything you need to know!

Ayoye we’re going to eat pizza in the next few days. Because, you know what? Pizza Week is back for a second consecutive year and it starts this Sunday!

Yes, more than twenty regions across the country will be celebrating this beloved dish for two full weeks! Between May 1 and May 14, a host of restaurants – we are talking about more than 400 restaurateurs here – will have concocted a very special pizza for this week of gourmet festivities. You are therefore invited to visit as many participating restaurants as possible to find out which pizza is the best in your opinion, and then vote for it to win the famous title.

While the list of restaurants will be available only tomorrow, we couldn’t wait to share this good news with you. Because yes, we risk doing a little more sport this weekend to be ready to stuff ourselves with as many pizzas as possible until May 14th!

By the way, if you order the pizzas specially made for the event via the DoorDash app and your price is $15 or more, you will receive a nice $5 discount from the company. It’s worth ordering the pizza for your whole gang at your next DoorDash party! You don’t even need to miss a few minutes of your evening!

Can we go to the website tomorrow to see the list of participating restaurants? Enjoy your lunch!

Pizza week

From May 1 to 14, 2022

All over the country

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