Pizzas Buitoni: “I just want my daughter to be recognized as a victim”

Little Mila, seven years old, suffered from acute pyelonephritis following contamination with E.coli bacteria. Sonia, her mother, recounts the “martyrdom” of her little girl.

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Seven-year-old Mila is doing better. She was six when she presented the first symptoms of what would later prove to be acute pyelonephritis linked to contamination with E. coli bacteria. ” It was very difficult for hersays his mother. She suffered martyrdom. “The little one has abdominal pain, vomiting, fever. ” It was not a usual gastro. » It’s March 9, and there is no “Buitoni affair” yet.
: the massive recall of Fraîch’Up pizzas will only be carried out on the 19th. She suffered a week before she could have proper care. »

The attending physician first thinks of Covid, but the test comes back negative. Symptoms continue, child is very pale, plaintive all the time, very tired. She always wanted to lie down. A first antibiotic treatment did not improve his condition. A night, ” she woke up screaming in pain “. In the city’s emergency room, the possibility of mesenteric lymph nodes is mentioned and the parents are referred to the Poitiers University Hospital if Mila’s condition does not improve. This is where, the next day, the urine strip will finally make it possible to make the diagnosis: ” The bacterium (E.coli) has been found at the level of the ECBU “says Sonia. The child will remain hospitalized for two days, infused with a strong antibiotic “, before being able to return home.

“I never imagined she could get sick from eating pizza! »

The link with the consumption of Fraîch’Up pizzas from Buitoni, produced in Caudry? ” We made the connection maybe a week later. In early April, Sonia found the receipt. ” I never imagined that she could get sick from eating pizza! she blurts out. ” My daughter is my whole life. It broke my heart to see her suffer and not know what she had. »

Today, Mila still has to take additional exams. Her mother does not know if she will suffer any sequelae. But she called on Me Richard Descamps because she ” want

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