Pizzas Buitoni, Kinder contaminated … An NGO blames the “failures of the system”

Is everything done to control what we eat? After the massive recalls of Buitoni frozen pizzas, possibly contaminated with Escherichia coli, and Kinder chocolates, for suspected salmonella, two bacteria causing sometimes serious digestive or renal complications, especially in children, the debate is RELAUNCH. The NGO Foodwatch alerted, Wednesday, April 6, on “the opacity” food giants and the lack of resources allocated to health authorities.

“What these scandals unfortunately reveal once again are the failures of the system”lamented on RMC the general manager of Foodwatch, Karine Jacquemart. “The good news is that we have regulations on paper at European level which are very strong and which indicate very clear responsibilities for companies”. But “the bad news is that it is not applied enough”explained the representative of the consumer defense association.


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