premieres Shining Girls, the new series from Elisabeth Moss

no spoilers

The actress who played Peggy in Mad Men crowns this thriller with elements of fantasy and mystery. Wagner Moura and Jamie Bell complete the cast.

The series will have 8 episodes.©IMDBThe series will have 8 episodes.

From the hand of AppleTV+, comes a new thriller with elements of science fiction and fantasy. It is shiny girlswhich will feature the star of Mad Men Yes The Handmaid’s Tale, Elizabeth Mossas its protagonist. Additionally, you will have Wagner Moura (narcissus) Yes Philip Soo (hamilton) in a cast where Jaime Bell (billy eliot) will put himself in the shoes of a mysterious murderer.

The story of shiny girls put the accent on Kirby (foam), a woman who suffered an attempted murder from which she managed to escape, who will soon begin to relive all the events when a series of murders with similar characteristics to the attack she suffered unfolds in Chicago . Thus, he will join a journalist named Dan (Mura)with whom they will begin to investigate the facts that the police cannot seem to solve.

The interest of this new production of AppleTV+ goes through the idea of ​​proposing to the viewer from the start that the murderer is Harper (Bell), a man who seems not to age and who has managed to be in different eras without changing one iota. The great mystery of shiny girls It will not be a question of who did it but how it is that these gruesome murders were committed. The distinctive touch will be given by the magical realism that will become more and more evident as the episodes are released.

One of the highlights of the series of AppleTV+ This will be the technical deployment to be able to transfer Kirby from one plane to another, from the reality he seems or thinks he lives in to the one he actually inhabits. It is that the viewer and the protagonist will begin a confusing journey to try to unravel this mystery that will leave more than one scratching their heads trying to decipher everything that has happened.

The connection between Shining Girls and Breaking Bad

One of the spirits behind shiny girls It has a direct link to one of the best series of recent television: breaking Bad. It is Michelle McLarendirector and producer of fiction AppleTV+which in the past bore the threads of two episodes of You better call Saul and eleven of those featuring Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston. Among them, the chapters in which walt and jesse get stuck in the middle of the desert when the RV runs out of battery during the meth cookout or the episode where Skein he beats Jesse to the ground and his position at the DEA is on the line.

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