Quantum information and communication technologies in Japan: state of play

The progress made in recent years in the quantum field offers the promise of a technological revolution influencing many sectors: from health to logistics, from meteorology to finance, including the field of communications and their security. However, significant hurdles remain before a general-purpose quantum computer is available.

The Japanese scientific community has made a name for itself in the field of quantum computing since the 1990s, with the publication of several articles, in particular on the concept of quantum annealing. While scientific activities on the archipelago were until very recently mainly dedicated to fundamental research, the national strategy published in 2020 announces a new dynamic with the development of roadmaps in priority technological fields and in areas of innovation. integrated. It encourages rapprochement between the academic and industrial worlds and launches the creation of quantum innovation hubs. Eight hubs have already been inaugurated in 2021.

This report aims to present the Japanese strategy, the major national research funding programs and the main public and private players involved in quantum information and communication technologies.

The report is made available on request by sending a message to the address: contact-sst.tokyo-amba [at] diplomatie.gouv.fr


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