Refurbished Apple products: our tip for finding them at the best price AND in the best condition

Innovative, high-tech Apple accessories are equipped with various brand-specific technologies. AirPods, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch… These devices offer many benefits when used together. New, they are often marketed at high prices, especially the most recent models. Whether you choose to buy your equipment from an Apple store or from resellers, you will therefore need to plan for a substantial budget if you want to own the best smartphones, wireless headphones, laptops, and tablets from the American giant. To save money, do not hesitate to turn to refurbished Apple devices. Indeed, these are sold at low cost by some e-tailers, while being 100% functional.

Cdiscount offers a selection of refurbished Apple iPhones at reduced prices:

Why buy your refurbished Apple device?

If refurbishing is good for your budget, it is also good for the planet. By buying a refurbished Apple device, you will be giving a second life to a product that is still in working order. Indeed, new generations coming out regularly, it is not uncommon for old equipment to be abandoned while they still have all their capabilities. The condition indications generally present on refurbished items are therefore purely aesthetic. At Cdiscount, you will find iPhones in “Excellent condition”, showing no signs of wear. The e-tailer also offers models in “Very good condition” and in “Fair condition”. Remember to consult the terms of each denomination if you have specific expectations about the visual appearance of your future Apple smartphone.

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