Result Euromillions FDJ: The draw for Tuesday, May 3, 2022

If your chances of winning the Euromillions jackpot are slim, there is still one chance out of 139 million for today’s draw to be yours. So don’t waste your time and run to your nearest tobacconist to get your grids in paper version. Fill in the boxes with your lucky numbers and save everything. A ticket will then be given to you to validate your bet. Keep it preciously because it will be the proof that you are indeed the one who won in case of victory. Here can discover the list of winners and previous results of the Euromillions on our complete guide.

May 3, 2022 draw

Euromillions Result May 3, 2022
8 – 20 – 26 – 47 – 48 and star numbers 3 – 8
MyMillion: HZ 505 8065

The draw for this May 3, 2022 will allow you to win 173 million euros. Have you ever imagined what you will do with all that money? Whether you go on vacation until the end of your days or decide to quit your job, everything will be possible for you. You can even set up your own business without having to borrow any money from your bank. The reason ? You will no longer have to worry about how much money is in your account.

Becoming a multi-millionaire overnight is a very exciting prospect. However, it comes with great responsibilities. Take the example of Guy who was able to find the usefulness of his winnings worth 200,000 euros in the financing of a charity. Of course, this does not prevent you from enjoying yourself as much as you want.

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