“Salam”, the documentary by and about Diam’s presented at Cannes

CANNES FESTIVAL – She had been very discreet since the announcement of the end of her career in 2012. Ten years later, rapper Diam’s made an unexpected comeback with a documentary, Hellowhich will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

In this documentary, Mélanie Georgiades, alias Diam’s, “recounts herself with an open heart”, indicates a press release published this Friday, April 29 by the BrutX platform. “For the first time in front of the camera, she confides in glory, psychiatry, the quest for meaning and her conversion to Islam”, it is specified.

Mental health among artists

Diam’s began his career in the 1990s, with a first album released just before his 20th birthday, in 1999. Numerous hits followed, such as the dumpling, Young lady Where confessions nocturnal in duet with Vitaa.

After a deep depression in 2007, Diam’s was hospitalized and diagnosed with bipolar. The following year, she converted to Islam. After the announcement of the end of her singing career, she announced that she was going to live in Saudi Arabia. It is therefore on all these themes that the artist should express himself.

Hello thus shows the difficulties of existing in the eyes of others, of the public, and addresses the issue of mental health in a great French artist and the delicate choice to change her life”, concludes the press release.

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