Salma Hayek and her daughter, true twin sisters: at 14, Valentina is mum’s look-alike!

I think it strengthens the unity, the family bond, this bond that we have

Of Mexican origin, Salma Hayek actually speaks with her daughter in the language of Cervantes, although the latter grows up between France and the rest of the globe. “I speak to him in Spanish if I don’t want the people around us to understand us.she explains to Vogue Mexico. Also, I think it reinforces the unity, the family bond, this bond that we have.” Valentina, who quietly pursues her studies while following fashion and make-up news, is very committed to society. She works in particular, as a volunteer, in a soup kitchen.

I learned that each homeless person has a different story, she says. Moreover, when you see someone sleeping in the street, you have the same reaction: you don’t want to approach them. I think it’s more important to approach them and listen to them rather than ignore them and think it’s not your problem.” So young and already a strong character… a bit like mom.

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