“Save Bambi” detects fawns in danger thanks to drone technology!

Tanguy Allard is an early riser right now. At five o’clock in the morning, he goes in search of deer fawns who have just been born. These animals are difficult to spot with the naked eye: they hide under tall grass so as not to be spotted by predators. To find them, Tanguy then uses a technological solution: a drone. “The drone is equipped with a thermal camera and a classic camera. The thermal camera is used to detect heat sources. The other – located just below – confirms to me if it is indeed a fawn or something else “, explains the co-founder of the “Save Bambi” association.

Fawns are actually endangered in the fields. From the month of May, in the plots, the farmers mow the grass. If animals are not located by drones, they risk being killed and mutilated by agricultural machinery. “The young fawns do not yet follow the mother. They remain alone, after birth, between a week and fifteen days. Afterwards, they follow the mother and there is no longer any danger for them” develops Marcel Ingels, hunter. In Germany, between 90,000 and 100,000 fawns perish each year according to the association.

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Search operations are fast: in one minute, the operator detects heat sources over an area of ​​four hectares. When the fawn is spotted, volunteers immediately place a crate on it to signal its presence to the farmer. Philippe Borlée, farmer, is happy to collaborate with the association: “The fawn hides as much as possible. The noise does not frighten the animal. For the farmer, it is impossible to see it”. After the passage of the tractor, the crate is removed and the goat comes to take care of its fawn.

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The association “Let’s save Bambi” was set up in 2019 by Cédric Petit and Tanguy Allard. In 2021, 204 fawns were saved, but the association also deals with the rescue of other animals such as hares, foxes or nesting birds. Currently, nearly thirty volunteer pilots are referenced on the association’s website. The association is counting on your donations, in particular to buy additional thermal cameras.

(This article was written in June 2021, updated in May 2022)

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