Setha, eliminated by the ambassadors, had a bad experience of Colin’s “betrayal”

Setha paid for the council of ambassadors of Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem, broadcast Tuesday on TF1. When his teammate Colin announced that he had agreed with Louana, the representative of the reds, to eliminate him, the 35-year-old graphic designer felt “anger, disappointment, sadness”. Contacted by 20 minutes, the Rhônalpine even speaks of a feeling of “betrayal”: “I really liked Colin on the camp. I realized that it was not mutual. This disappointed me a lot. »

When saying goodbye to the reunited tribe, she was also careful not to greet the one who sealed her fate. A few moments earlier, in front of everyone, she even launched, scathing: “You are not a man. She says today that she “really thought about it at the time” and expressed what she felt “from the bottom of [s]we heart. »

“Louana gave me a look and I felt as designated”

“Before leaving for the council of ambassadors, he guaranteed us that he would go to the black ball if necessary, that he was determined. I believed it. I would have preferred him to go there without saying anything, leaving doubts, rather than telling us that we could trust him, ”laments Setha.

When Louana and Colin arrived on the island, she knew that a bad scenario was brewing for her. “They had their heads down and I understood that they had not gone to the draw, she says. At one point, Louana gave me a look and I felt as if I had been chosen… I started to realize. »

The 30-year-old was thus forced to leave this “crazy” adventure, which corresponded to everything she hoped for, and which intoxicated her. The luck that seemed to accompany her from the beginning – she was in danger from the first advice – failed her. “I never knew what was going on, I was not in the strategies. Nicolas went fishing for information, but sometimes he wasn’t sure. I felt in danger with each advice, ”she says.

“Nobody tried to see if my necklace really existed”

Her major asset: an immunity necklace that she claimed to have but which was imaginary… “The other adventurers never saw it, never tried to dig into the subject, nor tried to see if it really existed. Even I surprised myself to believe in its existence, she smiles. I went all out with this necklace, taking it as a game, I had a lot of fun. »

His gamble amazed Setha’s husband. “He was surprised. He was too scared for me in relation to the strategic aspect of Koh Lanta. “The one who claims not to be a” bluffeuse “in the soul advances that his friends recognize in this his side” teaser and joker “. At the last council before reunification, she narrowly avoided elimination. Her teammates were then surprised that she had not taken out her collar. And she throws them, without disassembling, a mythical “I am a player, until the end”, proving that her acolytes were wrong to underestimate her.

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