“Seven to Eight”: Carole Bouquet explains why she will never have cosmetic surgery

PEOPLE – Interviewed on the show seven to eight on TF1 this Sunday, May 1, Carole Bouquet, now 64, was asked about the aging of actresses.

“I think that for women, it’s not easy (to age), and that for an actress, yes, because we can’t stop looking at you”, answers the one who plays in an episode of the season 2 ofIn therapy.

But she remains categorical: for her, the use of cosmetic surgery is a no (listen in the video below).

“When I see someone where I don’t see that he has done something… The problem is that I always see and I notice it”, confides Carole Bouquet, who takes Madonna as an example: “Sorry , but I saw pictures -and she has talent- of Madonna, it freaks me out! It scares me! I say to myself: ‘but how does she look in the mirror in the morning?’, and it’s not her! It really is someone else. However, when you are alone with your mirror…”

“So I can’t, I couldn’t. And too bad! And I’m not happy to have the face that begins to mark”, continues the actress.

“No, but what to do? The best thing is not to look at yourself too much, as much as possible, in front of your mirror as little as possible”, she adds with a smile.

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