Shanna Kress pregnant: Jonathan’s darling is expecting twins!

Their love story takes a new turn! We know that Shanna Kress and her darling Jonathan Matijas dreamed of having children together. In a relationship since the year 2020, the lovers have apparently prayed, prayed … until their wish comes true. On Sunday May 1, 2022, on Labor Day, the former reality TV candidate actually announced that she was pregnant, with a little surprise in store.

Today we have something to tell youshe warned on social networks. Sorry but these last days it was not really easy. We will explain everything to you soon. We’ll put our phone down and take some time for ourselves.“Shanna Kress and Jonathan will indeed have to get ready: the lovers will not welcome one child… but two!”2 + 2 = USshe finally announced. It’s TWINS. The best day of our lives is coming!

In order to prove that she was telling the truth, the 35-year-old young woman shared two photographs. One on which Jonathan kisses his little belly, the other on which we see a first ultrasound. It’s a real twist of fate for Shanna Kress who thought she was pregnant last year because of a false pregnancy test result. In June 2021, she had caused joy and dismay by explaining that a device error had made her believe that she was expecting her first child. She announced, then, that this project would soon materialize.

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