she resumed her studies while filming a series!

The actress Barbara Cabrita did not hesitate to resume her studies in the middle of filming the series “RIS Police scientifique”. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Discovered in the series “Le groupe” and on the poster for the TV movie “Grilled chickens” this Tuesday April 26, 2022 on France 3, Barbara Cabrita is now essential on the small screen. Passionate about her career, the actress did not hesitate to explore other options. She even got a diploma while she was in the middle of filming.

Barbara Cabrita is one of the faces that all French viewers know, whatever their favorite channel. The Franco-Portuguese actress made her debut on France 2 in “Le Groupe”, alongside Sandra Lou and Géraldine Lapalus, and in recent years has held roles in “Sam” on TF1, “Meurtre dans les Landes” on France 3, “Escape” on W9 as well as in a number of advertisements. The 30-year-old has a string of projects, and has always worked that way: she feels a real curiosity that regularly leads her down surprising paths.

She had no plans to become an actress

The beginnings of Barbara Cabrita happened almost by chance. The year she turned 16, her mother sent photos of her to modeling agencies, and the teenager became a model: “This agency is called Frimousse, it still exists and I love it. I made filming, but I never said to myself that it was going to be my passion, nor my job, it was not me”, she confided to the Presseyes site. At the same time, she passes her baccalaureate, then returns to college to follow a first year of psychology. But at the same time, her career took off, and she decided to put her studies aside, for a while at least.

However, she continues to learn thanks to her roles: curious by nature, she feels the need to do significant research before slipping into the skin of a character. “For the “H24” series on TF1, with Anne Parillaud, Florence Coste and Frédérique Bel, we went to the emergency room of the Aulnay-sous-Bois hospital. We were chaperoned by a doctor who is incredible and who has become a friend. For “L’Héritage”, I went to see an oyster farmer in Mèze on the Etang de Thau, where I lived, who helped me enormously.” “It also opens doors for me to other jobs for later,” she adds with humor.

The return to the benches of the university

After several roles of more or less large scale, it was in 2006 that Barbara Cabrita experienced her real breakthrough, thanks to the series “RIS Police Scientifique”, a TF1 series in which she was to officiate for six years. But what the public does not know is that as soon as the cameras go out, the actress plunges her nose into her course books and heads off to college. She decided to go back to school. “I had the impression that I was missing something, that I was going around in circles. That’s how I came to do a degree in anthropology while continuing to turn in the series. J ‘arranged my schedules any way I could. It was a great time,” she told We Are Girlz in 2013.

Another possible evolution for his career? Who knows. Barbara Cabrita fell into acting without really dreaming about it, and she doesn’t seem afraid to see the spotlight go out, as she confirmed to Edgar Magazine: “Honestly, a lot of different things attract me. I am getting closer and closer to nature. I have just bought a village barn in the South of France. I feel connected to everything that brings me calm and distance from my job. And then I did a degree in anthropology. Why not go back down that path? Or else, I’m passionate about alternative education methods. I have a lot of leads.” It must be said that she did not imagine at all to come to this: “Honestly, since my debut, I never thought that it would last all my life. It has already been 20 years and I am very happy.


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