“She was completely ruined”

In a post on Reddit, a man explains that he ordered pizza two days in a row while he was busy painting his house and had his meal delivered by the same driver both times. After the first delivery, the delivery person seemed to “stand there waiting” after making the delivery. Then, on the second day, she chose to put her pizza on the floor instead of handing it to him.

“The second time I ordered, it was her again,” he explains in his message. “This time she made a face when I opened the door and instead of handing me the pizza, she put it on the floor. It could have been perfectly normal, contactless delivery is still going strong, but she clearly put it in the only puddle near my door. »

On the way out, she made a comment, which the man wasn’t supposed to hear, and she said “that’s when you don’t tip.” The pizza was completely ruined and the man immediately called the restaurant. “My pizza was completely ruined because the box was soaked to the bottom. I hated having to, but called the pizza place to get a replacement pizza. I explained the situation and the owner told me that it was not the first time this had happened and that he was going to take care of it. »

He learned from his neighbor that the young woman had been fired. “I didn’t ask for his dismissal, I didn’t ask for a reprimand, nothing, I just explained the situation because, in the end, my pizza was not delivered because it was inedible. »

According to the man, the young woman seemed to have an American accent and in the United States, tipping is much more entrenched than in the United Kingdom, where the incident occurred.


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