Shot on iPhone 13 Pro: Apple highlights chicken rice in Singapore

Apple has uploaded a new video that is part of its Shot on iPhone campaign and was shot with the iPhone 13 Pro. She highlights chicken rice in Singapore.

New video for Shot on iPhone 13 Pro campaign

The video, with David Gelb directing, recalls the codes of documentaries. Here’s what Apple says in the description:

Big ambitions clash in tiny kitchens, all in the name of Singapore’s most beloved dish: chicken rice. Apple presents a documentary about the pride and conviction of peddlers, against the backdrop of the famous Maxwell Food Center. Directed by Chef’s Table creator and Jiro Dreams of Sushi director David Gelb. Filmed with an iPhone 13 Pro.

Apple also offers a video that acts as a making-of for this documentary shot on the iPhone 13 Pro. These include mounting the iPhone on pro-grade slides and tripods, using various stands and turntables, and other equipment.

With space at a premium in small kitchens, the iPhone was seen as a way to capture video in cramped conditions. Along with macro mode and the variety of tools on offer, David Gelb considers the cinematic mode’s focus shifting options to be an essential post-production tool.

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