Slimane dad: he reveals the name of his daughter!

Last January, Slimane took his entire Instagram community by surprise by posting a very special video: “I didn’t think I would make this video. I confess to you that I have two mixed feelings: I’m both very happy to announce what I’m going to announce and at the same time I’m very sad because I didn’t think to announce it to you like that. I became the father of an incredible little girl, a little angel, who was born almost two months early and who has been in the hospital for a month.“These first steps as a father were therefore hesitant, torn between the joy of having welcomed his daughter and the concern that his hospitalization caused him.

For Slimane, it was important to explain the reason for this silence to his fans: “I’m a dad, I’m happy, she’s fine, she’s better. If I didn’t tell you about it before, it’s because I’ve been going back and forth to the hospital for twenty-five days, and I’m just waiting for my daughter to get better, that I have my ear resting on her to hear if she is breathing, that I have my eyes riveted on the monitor to check that she is not having tachycardia.“Fortunately, everything ended up being back to normal for the dad and his daughter.

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