Star Wars: 23 after, Liam Neeson ready to put on his Jedi costume, but under conditions!

news culture Star Wars: 23 after, Liam Neeson ready to put on his Jedi costume, but under conditions!

In just over a month, Disney+ subscribers will finally be able to discover the new adventures of Obi-Wan Kenobi, still played by Ewan McGregor. He will notably be accompanied by Hayden Christensen, who will resume his role as Anakin Skywalker or rather Darth Vader.

This is why many people have wondered if other actors from the prelogy could return in future productions, whether planned for cinema or television.

“Focus on the moment, feel, don’t think, trust your instincts”

We think of Nathalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, Ray Parker (Dark Maul), reinstated in Solo: A Star Wars StoryAhmed Best (Jar Jar Binks), but also to Liam Neeson. Known for his roles in Taken, Schindler’s List or Gangs of New Yorkhe was also Qui-Gon Jinnthe Jedi master who trained Obi-Wan and fell to Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Twenty three years after the film hit theaters, the actor was asked by Comicbook about a possible comeback. A question that he obviously did not expect, but which brought a very interesting answer. The 69-year-old actor is indeed not against the idea of ​​becoming Qui-Gon Jinn, but he has one condition, which he fully assumes:

Oh, I think so yeah, yeah, yeah… but only if it’s a movie. Yeah I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to TV, I have to admit. I prefer the big screen. Qui-Gon… I can’t believe it’s already been 24 years since we shot The Phantom Menace, I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly. It was a great experience to shoot this film in London.

Liam Neeson has visibly changed his mind

A statement that comes ccomplete what he said last year, when he had indicated that he would like to play Qui-Gon again, but that he feared that the license would disappear (at least for a time) from the big screen. She comes on the other hand contradict a previous statementmade in 2020. He then indicated:

The first Star Wars I was in was 22 years old, and I enjoyed that, because it was new. I was playing with tennis balls, which were eventually going to be little fuzzy furry creatures and all that. It was interesting, game-wise, trying to make them feel real, but that was the last time. It’s quite exhausting.

The future of Star Wars in cinema is still very vague for the moment. We know that films are in production or pre-production with Kevin Feige and Taika Waititi, but no further information has been released. Will we go with films that stand alone and enrich the universe during the Skywalker era, or will we be entitled to a new trilogy depicting the millennial struggle between the dark side and the light side of the Force? No one knows for sure, but we hope to find out more soon, and in particular during the Star Wars Celebration, which will take place from May 26 to 29 in Anaheim, California.

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