Study: the ECG of the Apple Watch could diagnose heart failure

On the side of the field of Health, Apple has reason to congratulate itself once again. Indeed, researchers from the Mayo Clinic have created an algorithm used by an artificial intelligence capable of using ECGs taken by the Apple Watch to diagnose heart failure.

As a reminder, this pathology would affect 2-3% of people worldwide, and up to 9% of people over 60. Like atrial fibrillation (which can be detected by the Apple Watch), this one can be asymptomatic or not, which makes it just as complex to diagnose.

It is on the occasion of the conference of the Heart Rhythm Society that they shared their work. For Paul Friedman (chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Mayo Clinic) this algorithm is a big step forward for patients. While current techniques require an echocardiogram, CT scan or MRI, it is content to use the ECG function of the Apple Watch (note: to obtain an ECG, simply place a finger on the digital crown for 30 seconds).

Note that 2,454 patients from the Mayo Clinic equipped with an iPhone, the Mayo Clinic app and an Apple Watch series 4 or later took part in the study. She thus has analyzed 125,610 ECGs collected over a six-month period from 46 states and 11 countries.

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