Telex: Sixt victim of a cyberattack, Apple sorts its obsolete applications, Elon Musk wants to clean up Twitter

– Sixt victim of a cyberattack. After Ucar, it is the turn of car rental company Sixt to be targeted by a cyberattack. In a message, the group indicated that it had detected “computer irregularities” on April 29, 2022 and initiated security measures to remedy this incident, which was later confirmed to be a computer attack. “Many of Sixt’s core systems, in particular the website and applications, have been kept operational,” the company explained. “Temporary disruptions, particularly in customer relations centers and selective agencies, are likely to occur in the short term”.

– Apple is sorting out its obsolete apps. Since 2016, the key date initiating the App Store improvement process, 3 million apps have been removed. A doubt persists on the date on which the firm warned the developers about this cleaning. Last week, a developer shared an email from Apple warning him that his app would be removed if it wasn’t updated within 30 days, as it hadn’t been updated in over two years. . After this revelation, the firm clarified its policy and now says that developers will have more time to update their applications if necessary – up to 90 days. Apple also increased the threshold from two years to three years. This should give developers some breathing room and keep popular older apps in the store for years after their last update.

– Elon Musk wants to clean up Twitter. While the billionaire has just acquired Twitter, the latter wants to crack down on so-called “spambots”. Only downside: by doing this, he would halve his own followers, according to the Twitter audit tool SparkToro. These bots are automated accounts that mimic the activity of real people on Twitter but are also programmed to act maliciously. Security is a challenge that Twitter has tried for years and it’s hard to imagine how Elon Musk could solve this problem. In the meantime, his promises have only increased his popularity rating and, ironically, his number of subscribers, whether real or not.

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