The 3 meter Apple Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable is available (to move the Mac Studio away?)

The 3 meter version of the Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable from Cupertino is now available on the Apple Store.

Since last March, the Apple Store offered the 1.8 meter model but this 3 meter version (which was listed) was not yet available for purchase. It is now done, and this length might be useful for some usersfor example to connect a Mac Studio to a Studio Display (delivered with a Thunderbolt 4 equivalent cable of one meter)]while keeping it far enough away to reduce any noise pollution.

Apart from the length, the two versions share the same characteristics with a braided finish, the Power Delivery 100W, and the DisplayPort High Bit Rate 3 (HBR3). A video published by ChargerLab reveals the innards and the quality of the beast (cable comprising 19 wires including 5 copper wires for the 100W power supply, braid covering a thermoplastic elastomer material -TPE-, shielding layer, Intel chip and plated connectors gold) justifying (in part) its high price, specifying that the cable is one of the best on the marketensuring a certain durability, satisfactory flow rates and reducing possible interference. The 1.8 meter version is exchanged for 149 euros, and you will have to pay 179 euros for this 3 meter version.

If you don’t need such a length and/or the price puts you off, CalDigit offers its Thunderbolt 4 cable (40 Gb / s, Power Delivery 100W) of 2 meters at 69.99 euros. In USB-C and in 3 meters, cables delivering 100W (but limited to USB2 speeds, i.e. 480 Mb/s) can be found for around 10 euros (many models from more or less exotic brands are available), and it will be necessary to split around 24 euros for a 10 Gb / s / 4K 60 Hz version, always in 3 meters.

• Apple’s Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable from €149

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