The Apple Watch Series 7 is enjoying a great promotion before the French Days!

With this Apple Watch Series 7, Apple has not changed the design of its connected watch but has nevertheless made a few changes, starting with the screen, which has been enlarged by a small millimeter thanks to the reduction of the borders around it. of the OLED panel. It might not look like much on paper, but this magnification allows Apple Watch Series 7 to display more text when reading your messages or lists, and the interface has been completely revamped to offer larger and more readable buttons.

The case has also been improved and the screen now has greater resistance to shocks and falls. If unfortunately you knock your watch in the middle of training, or if it falls off your wrist, it should survive this accident and save you a replacement.

For the rest, the Apple Watch Series 7 still offers complete sports monitoring, with the analysis of dozens of sports disciplines. Its cardiac and blood oxygenation sensors allow you to know in real time the state of your physical condition. The Apple Watch Series 7 also monitors your constants during the night with its sleep mode and wakes you discreetly with a gentle vibration in the morning.

To finish this little overview of new features, if the autonomy remains limited to 18H, charging has been improved thanks to a new USB-C cable, which allows you with a 20W charger not included in the box to regain 80% of battery in 40 minutes and a full charge in just one hour.

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