The Corinthians jersey features new Nike textile technology

Unveiled by Nike, the new Corinthians 2022 jersey is distinguished by the presence of the new Dri-FIT ADV, the American brand’s textile technology.

At Nike, there is of course FC Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan or even PSG. But on the other side of the Atlantic, the Brazilian club Corinthians is also a strong element for the American brand. Known all over the world and considered one of the most followed in Brazil, the Corinthians club has just unveiled its new 2022 jersey.

But more than just a new jersey, it is the first to feature the new version of the textile Dri-FIT ADV from Nike. The same one that will be present on all the 2022-2023 jerseys of the major Nike teams and on the 2022 World Cup jerseys. Just that.

Celebrating an exceptional 2012

Besides bringing his new version of the fabric Dri-FIT ADV and its new relief, Nike has designed a special 2022-2023 jersey for the Corinthians club. Indeed, the season that has started will celebrate the tenth anniversary of a year that had been exceptional for the Brazilian club.

Winner of the Copa Libertadores and the Club World Cup during the same period. To celebrate this with dignity, the American brand has therefore imagined a relatively sober home outfit since it is mostly white, but which stands out for the presence of a touch of black and gold at the level of the collar and the edges of the sleeves.

The Corinthians 2022-2023 home shirt

Of course, and as often with Brazilian clubs, the shirt presented and the one worn are not exactly the same. With no less than seven sponsors for the first match against Boca Juniors, the Corinthians 22/23 home shirt remains a perfectly executed outfit.

The Corinthians 2022-2023 kit

On the technology side and as explained a little above, the fabric used is that of the latest version of the Dri-FIT ADV. Presented in May 2021 in the continuity of the old outfits Aeroswift and vapor knit, this innovation knows a second generation but only the aesthetic aspect of the relief changes. Already visible on Barça’s training outfits since the beginning of the year, this technology will become commonplace at Nike in the coming months.

Even if some selections like Norway will keep the old Dri-FIT ADVall the selections that are qualified for the 2022 World Cup will benefit from it, as will the top clubs under contract with Nike for the 2022-2023 jerseys.

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