The Google Pixel 6 could feature technology similar to Apple’s “Spatial Audio”

No doubt inspired by Apple, Google is preparing to release an equivalent of Audio Spatial on the Pixel 6, a technology that combines Dolby Atmos and tracking of head movements. It allows users to get a more immersive sound experience.

If for the moment still little information surrounds its development, the latest beta version of Android launched at the end of April suggests that the march is launched, as suggested by Mishaal Rahmanthe ex-editor of XDA Developers media, reviewing Android 13.

wait and see

According to him, this audio feature signed by Google is still in the nebulous state, but according to the clues collected, this novelty should be available on the Pixel 6 Pro Firstly. Also, it could be efficient when release of the public version of Android 13expected in 2022.

It remains to be seen which headphones and headsets will be compatible with this novelty and whether Google will choose to incorporate it into other Pixel smartphones. In the meantime, know that it is already possible to enjoy Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio on Android if you subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music or even Deezer (only 360 Reality Audio on this audio streaming service).

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