the new French pizza champion has just been crowned

“Tears flowed down our faces, but tears of joy, because I have the honor of having been crowned French pizza champion. A consecration for my work, because for those who know me Well, it wasn’t easy every day. But I had a dream and I had to go through with it.” It is with these words that Dominique Zucaro, pizza maker from Doppio, summed up his emotion after his coronation.

The restaurateur, based in Isère, near Grenoble, owes his victory to his talent, of course, but also to his imagination. To win the competition, he came up with a “padre” pizza, in which we find a zucchini velouté with Espelette pepper, caramelized apples, lamb’s lettuce or even cauliflower in pickles associated with a reduction of red wine. . Dominique Zucaro arrives tied with Nicolas Soum, founder of Pizzoum au Cendre (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes).

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