the player does not claim his winnings of one million euros, jackpot for the State

The lucky winner of the Euromillions had 60 days to claim his due. The search notice of the Française des Jeux having not succeeded, the sum is donated to the State.

The lucky winner of the Euromillions will never have the opportunity to take advantage of his gain. A resident of Aude, drawn during the “rain of millionaires” on January 21, simply never came to claim his due. A tidy sum of one million euros all the same. The player had 60 days to contact the Française des Jeux (FDJ), i.e. until March 22 at 11:59 p.m. The deadline having now passed, it is the French State which has become the lucky beneficiary of the amount.

A fairly rare situationreassures the Française des Jeux. “It happened twice last year for substantial sums (more than one million euros), knowing that on average, one person is allowed to become a millionaire every two days“, illustrates the group.

The new winning state

This time, the origin of this regrettable error may come from the original nature of the game. The goal this time was not to select a grid and hope to get the right numbers. Instead, the 100 winners were drawn from everyone who had recently played Euromillions. Some could therefore compete without even realizing it. Of the 100 elected, 28 were French, including one from Audois. If the 27 others quickly gave a sign of life, the latter did not appear and could not be found.

The game is anonymous“Recalls the FDJ, which has in its possession neither the name nor the address of the individual in question. “We launched a search notice, notably in the local press. Without success“, she adds. The public limited company has all the more interest, in the present case, to find the winner that it will not derive any advantage from this error. “Since the Pacte law, a large part of these forgotten sums are donated to the State“Warns the FDJ. According to this law, which entered into force on 1er January 2020, all non-rank 1 winnings (jackpots), must be paid to the State, if they are not claimed beyond 60 days (90 days during confinement). For the others, the sum must be put into play by the FDJ.

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