The poll of the week: Team Pizza with or without a crust?

Every week, we invite you to give your opinion on different topics by answering our surveys. The results will be revealed the following week. This week, we want to know: Do you eat a pizza with or without a crust?

When you want to eat a comforting meal after a long day, we immediately think of buying a good burger or a pizza with a delicious smell. And if you’re more of a healthy-eating type, we also know you can’t resist a pizza dripping with cheese.

Whether you like it with mushrooms, minced meat, sausages or even pineapple if you’re a fan of the sweet/salty combination, there are so many possible combinations that you will necessarily find what you are looking for. But will you eat the crust at the end? Do you prefer your pizza with or without? Tell us while answering the survey above.

Credits: Unsplash

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