The reflection of Matthieu Delormeau on Delphine Wespiser scandalizes the columnists of TPMP.

Columnists and fans of TPMP in shock since the altercation between Delphine Wespiser and Matthieu Delormeau. Here are the details.

People Act Magazine exclusively reveals the terrible altercation between Matthieu Delormeau and Delphine Wespiser live from TPMP.

At the moment, tempers are heating up in TPMP. Baba and the chroniclers need a vacation? Recently, we were able to follow the altercation between Cyril Hanouna and Géraldine Maillet. Indeed, the boss of TPMP accused the latter of being a teacher.

Today, it is Delphine Wespiser’s turn to be singled out. Indeed, the former beauty queen is in dirty sheets. The least we can say is that Matthieu Delormeau is not helping him get out of the water. In fact, he pushes her! Discover his comments in the episode of this Friday, April 22.

TPMP: columnists can talk about everything, except their support for the far right…

The atmosphere was particularly tense this Friday, April 22 in the TPMP program. It’s not the first time, but has Matthieu Delormeau gone too far this time? Indeed, can you lose your job for your freedom of expression? This is the subject of the debate around the Delphine Wespiser affair.

Indeed, a few days ago, the pretty Miss admitted to being extremely disappointed by the five-year term of Emmanuel Macron. Thus, for this second round, she publicly declared in full live that she was going to support the head of the national front. Indeed, this Sunday, April 24, the TPMP columnist will probably slip a ballot in favor of Marine Le Pen into the ballot box. So much so that she received a wave of insults on social networks.

After this declaration, the Alsatian was ousted from the C8 program by the channel. Delphine Wespiser finds it difficult to understand this decision. His role in TPMP is to give his personal opinion on any subject and in all circumstances. So why this time, it does not pass? One thing is certain, the pretty brunette is angry, but has learned the lesson well for the next time: she will never again give her opinion on politics on a television set. Matthieu Delormeau did not defend it during the last broadcast and all the other columnists turned against him.

Only one colleague is against Delphine Wespiser

As a reminder, Delphine Wespiser has had a recurring role on the show Fort Boyard since the summer of 2013. She plays the characters of Judge Blanche and her twin Red. Will she still be part of the France 2 game or will the production also remove her following the controversy?

We remember that Francis Lalanne had been dismissed from the show because he had supported the Yellow Vests. TV Mag journalists contacted the production of Fort Boyard to find out the fate of the TPMP columnist. Here is the answer: “Delphine Wespiser would be good in the next season. All TPMP columnists agree that his departure would have been unfair, except for one….

Strong tensions on the set of TPMP

Matthieu Delormeau explains that Fort Boyard is a game “for children” and that the Miss no longer has a place: “It’s a good show with great values ​​for children. It’s not Zemmour or Marine Le Pen ““. Hugo Manos was completely shocked by his justification: “At Fort Boyard, we don’t talk about politics, Matthieu. What is this report? He’s in disguise! How can she influence children? You’re saying nonsense ! “, launches the latter. Gilles Verdez, too, is disappointed by the words of the TPMP columnist. Point-blank, he asks himself: “She should have lost her job? For the host of TPMP People: “of course”.

Matthieu Delormeau attacked from all sides for his intolerable remarks.

It’s Béatrice Rosen’s turn to react. This is extremely serious. It gives the impression that companies can fire people for a political opinion. That you can say that is extremely shocking. I don’t know if you realize the significance of what you’re saying,” she says.

But, the one who is alone against all, remains on his position. “When things don’t go in the direction of the program, you are put elsewhere. That’s all ! She plays a pure lady and she votes for Marine Le Pen. There is a problem ! » .

Very angry, the TPMP columnist even compared the situation to that of Dieudonné who, as a reminder, had been tried for his anti-Semitic remarks. Gilles Verdez sees red.

matthew delormeau

“You should be suspended!” You compare Delphine Wespiser to Dieudonné. It’s shameful what you say. You are completely sick! “Cyril Hanouna preferred to ease the tensions by changing the subject…. Definitely, between Delphine Wespiser and Matthieu Delormeau, it’s not love … Case to follow next week in TPMP!

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