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It was in the garage of a residential area located in Saint-Priest, in the Lyon suburbs, that Caroline Maya’s grandmother created the pizzeria. At first, just for fun, this little business quickly became a family passion over three generations. Between competition and transmission, the nonna was far from imagining the great success of her children and grandchildren.

The family, a source of inspiration

Lionel Lombardi, his father, became the family’s first champion. He won first place in the French championship in 2006 and a few years later the title of the first French world champion. Inspired by her dad, Caroline decided to take over. As she begins to spend time at the pizzeria on her way home from high school, she begins nursing studies and graduates in 2012. But her passion for pizza, as much as we eat it, does not make her want to eat it. to leave the family business. She worked as an employee before becoming a manager, taking the place of her father and uncle.

A well-deserved victory

After two victories in 2019 and 2021 as French champion of Teglia pizza and gourmet pizza, Caroline Maya is registered in 2022 for the best pizza in the world. She participates in four categories of the competition and wins in the “Pizza a due” category. A duo competition between the chef and one of her employees. A well-deserved success for the 34-year-old mother who has been training tirelessly since January. Obviously, the whole family was mobilized for this success. A real race with little sleep but lots of emotions at the finish.

So the next time you pass through Lyon, don’t hesitate to taste the best pizza in the world! The price is still around 11€. A real bargain.

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