the world of music in mourning, rest in peace

The grouping of Motherfuckers has existed since 1985. Indeed, it was Coluche who created it and who wanted to bring together music artists and public figures to sing for the poorest. All funds are donated to famous Restos of the Heart. Even after his disappearance, we don’t forget him and we don’t forget the hundreds ofMotherfuckers who attend each year. Alas, bad news has just fallen and one of them has joined the stars. We’ll let you know who it is.

The world of music in mourning with the loss of a great Belgian artist

A few weeks ago, it was filming the music show of the Motherfuckers in an Arena in Montpellier. Alas, the thirty artists gathered for the occasion found themselves on stage facing a completely empty room. Indeed, France was still subject to health rules due to the Covid-19 crisis. Even without an audience, the artists gave their all anyway and they tried to set the mood for this show called An air of Enfoirés.

We can mention Patrick Bruel, Zazie, Nolwenn Leroy, Amel Bent, Vianney, Mc Solar, Amir, Soprano, Philippe Lacheau, Jean-Louis Aubert, Lorie, Sébastien Chabal, but the list is long! In the clip above, we also saw Thomas Pesquet and his magnificent photos taken from space. A journey with your head in the stars. There was also tennis player Pauline Déroulède and footballer Kylian Mbappé. The music titles are chained, like Upper of France Gall and in weightlessness by Calogero, completely in the spirit of this edition!

Covid-19 has turned the world of culture upside down

This year, the music show of the Motherfuckers has been turned upside down due to the health crisis we have been experiencing for two years. Indeed, there were still gauges to respect, it is for this reason that there was no public and that the room was empty. A real shortfall in the coffers of the association. Then, some personalities were forced to cancel at the last minute because they tested positive for Covid-19. We can cite in particular Carla Bruni, Claire Keim and also the singer Jenifer. Mimie Mathy was also to be present for the filming of the show Motherfuckers, but she had just had surgery a few days before the performance. On Saturday April 23, sad news falls in the world of music…

The Belgians have lost a great rocker

This is the Belgian singer Arno, famous for his cover of seaside girls of his colleague Adamo. The artist joined the stars at the age of 72 and his death was declared by his agent Filip De Groote on Flemish television TRV and The evening. His state of health had not been good since last July. Indeed, he had to cancel his planned concert dates in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands until the end of 2021. He had to rest…

“He will be missed by all of us, his family, his friends and his musicians. He will always be with us thanks to the music that kept him alive until the end”, writes in a press release Filip De Groote. Despite the postponements, Arno was back on stage in February 2022. Indeed, the artist was passionate about music and he said that she had it ” Safe “. During his performances, he had appeared sitting in front of his microphone and a skinny face. We wish him to rest in peace.

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