the world of music in mourning, rest in peace

A few weeks ago, around thirty artists met in the Montpellier Arena. On the program, a show by Les Enfoirés in an empty room. Among the French stars who responded, there were Patrick Bruel, Lorie, Zazie, Nolwenn Leroy, Amel Bent, Vianney, Mc Solaar, Amir, Soprano, etc. It goes without saying that with such a cast, the atmosphere can only be there. That said, we just learned that a member passed from life to death.

A show without an audience

The last Enfoirés show entitled Un air d’Enfoirés was a bit special. If the performance was always for the benefit of the Restos du Coeur, another detail made all the difference. Indeed, there was no public attending the concert. However, the least we can say is that the artists set the scene on fire.

As a reminder, the concert opened with the superb performance of tennis player Pauline Déroulède. The young woman was perched on the Moon while international footballer Kylian Mbappé was below. It didn’t take long for other members of Les Enfoirés to join them, performing Plus haut by France Gall and En apesanteur by Calogero.

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Artists were missing

The atmosphere was warm and friendly. Fans, however, regret to note that some familiar faces of the Enfoirés have been absent subscribers. Among the singers who could not attend this last edition, we can notably cite Carla Bruni, Claire Keim or even Jenifer.

For those who wonder why, it is actually a precaution. A precaution, because all three tested positive for Covid-19. They therefore had no choice but to be dismissed. In the case of Mimie Mathy, it is not because of the virus, but another health concern. Indeed, the actress had to undergo surgery before the show.

A sad demise

If Mimie Mathy is doing well, it is a talented singer who is gone. He is a fairly well-known musician. The public knows him above all thanks to his cover of Les Filles du bord de mer by Adamo. You may have guessed it, it is indeed the Belgian singer Arno.

The sad news was announced on Saturday April 23, 2022 by his agent Filip De Groote. Thus, Arno breathed his last at the age of 72. The news was notably transmitted by Flemish television VRT and Le Soir.

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As a reminder, the artist had not been feeling well since the end of 2021. He was even forced to cancel his concerts planned in 4 countries, including France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. For good reason, he had health problems. At the time, his doctor prescribed him rest.

It is finally a few months later that Arno dies. It goes without saying that his death deeply affected the world of music. In this regard, Filip De Groote expressed his reaction in a moving press release.

“He will be missed by all of us, his family, his friends and his musicians. He will always be with us thanks to the music that kept him alive until the end,” he said, no doubt moved.

The music would have “saved” him

If we remember one thing about this man, it is his passion for music. During his lifetime, he even called himself “addicted” to it. A passion that would even have “saved” him, because it was this fervor that allowed him to return to the stage at the start of 2022. In February, the singer had scheduled half a dozen dates.

During this short tour of Brussels and Ostend, appeared thinner. He was not standing, but remained in a seated position in front of the microphone. Not to mention his allusions to his state of health in front of the public.

All our condolences to the family. Rest in peace Arno!

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