The Wristcam also allows you to make video calls from your Apple Watch

Incredible, but true: the Wristcam does exist and it is possible to order this bracelet which adds two cameras to an Apple Watch for $300… at least in the United States and Canada (impossible to deliver it to Europe). This accessory, which appeared in its final form at the end of 2020, adds a function that some were obviously expecting, with the possibility of taking photos and videos from your watch.

Wristcam: an Apple Watch bracelet with integrated camera, finally? 🤔

The designers of this strange product have found another use for it: videoconferencing, of course! Not using the usual apps, however, because even if watchOS comes with FaceTime, it is in audio mode only that Apple’s service can be used on Apple Watch. Failing this, Wristcam has developed its own solution, integrated into its app which was already used to recover photos taken with the cameras. Calls are thus limited between users of the app, even if it is not necessary for the two correspondents to use the bracelet with cameras.

The overview video tries to give some ideas where keeping your wrist up for a videoconference makes (a tiny bit of) sense. Athletes who do not take a smartphone with them could appreciate the functionality, provided they agree to have a much thicker and heavier strap permanently on their watch. The example of motorcycle DIY is perhaps more interesting, the large size of a smartphone then becoming a disadvantage. But conversely, the small size of the Apple Watch will prevent having a large image of its correspondent, it remains a compromise product.

This novelty, still in beta, can be tested by registering at this address. The company also announced a software development kit (SDK) that will allow third-party apps to interact with the Wristcam.


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