these astrological signs will be the most impacted

The April 30, 2022 New Moon will be accompanied by a Partial Solar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus. This celestial phenomenon is actually an alignment of the Sun and the Moon in the same degree. It’s called a conjunction in astrological jargon, and its effects on human emotions are remarkable.

The eclipse in question will increase the power of the Moon tenfold, which will leave no one indifferent this end of April 2022. Are you ready to take advantage of its surprising effects?

New Moon: what impact on our lives according to astrology?

Each month, the Moon follows its cycle unfailingly since the origin of the Universe. This lasts about 29 days and has an impact on life on planet Earth and more specifically on the tides. Water is considered a feminine element and the notorious impact of lunar movements is directly linked to another cycle: the menstrual.

And yes ! The gravitational cycle of the Moon also regulates our fertility and our emotions! A good reason to follow his career closely.

During the phase in question, our natural satellite is almost invisible to the naked eye from the terrestrial globe. It is only after that it will begin to reveal itself and show us its hidden side.

According to astrology, the New Moon is an auspicious time to consider a fresh start. The opportunity to take the time to listen to each other to align your desires and your actions.

It is very important during a new Moon to consciously manifest your desires, so that these can come to fruition. Any New Moon is a chance to state your real emotional needs to yourself in order to better satisfy them.

Taking the time to relax and observe your deepest wishes would be a very precious gift to give yourself this weekend.

Horoscope: Which signs will feel most intensely the New Moon of April 30, 2022?


The two luminous stars, the Moon and the Sun, are both in your sign. Expect a good big full of energy. This New Moon is like no other for you, dear Taurus! Find a moment to take stock of what you want to leave behind and what you covet for your future.


There are issues that have not been resolved in your life for the past six months. Take the time to talk to those who are concerned to clear up all the vagueness so far before small things become a big snowball.


You are going through a period of adaptation. It makes you feel like you’re walking on eggshells and your discomfort is palpable. An unexpected situation could change your plans this week. Don’t act right away, everything will be clearer later.

However this New Moon will be of great benefit for all the astrological signs, do not forget to reflect this Saturday April 30 on your intentions for the next month!

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