This very original first name that she wishes to give to her son and which risks exploding Éric Zemmour

The Le Pen clan is about to grow. This Wednesday, April 27, 2022, Marion Maréchal, niece of Marine Le Pen, was present on the set of the famous Paris Première program, “Restons Zen”, in order to address the subject of the legislative elections. According to the latest rumors, the National Rally and the Reconquest movement could form an alliance. ” No one said it was Éric Zemmour who would be the potential leader of this alliance, the idea is to hit the Rassemblement National in its spontaneous culture “, explained in particular the politician who herself joined the party of Éric Zemmour.

For the moment, Marion Maréchal does not know if she will have the opportunity to be a candidate. The reason ? The young woman is pregnant and should give birth during the second round. ” Having managed my timing well, I have to give birth on the day of the second round. “, she confided on the set of” Restons Zen “. The birth of his second child is therefore scheduled for June 18, the date on which General de Gaulle launched his appeal to the French to unite in action to liberate France in 1940.

An Italian first name?

Quite a coincidence for the journalist Anaïs Bouton who immediately tried to guess the name of the future baby. ” Charles then “launched the host. To which Marion Maréchal replied: “ Yes, you will say that to my Italian husband, he wants an Italian name “. A statement that did not fail to shock the presenter. ” Italian first name for Zemmour, how are you going to justify it? “. ” I do not let myself do it “Explains the niece of Marine Le Pen. It remains to be seen whether Vincenzo Sofo will win the battle. Answer in a few weeks… For her part, the future mother added: “ I’m not sure I can fight this battle 100% in any case on the ground “.


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