TPMP: in the middle of a clash, Delphine Wespiser evokes the deceased mother of Mathieu Delormeau, go to court for the two columnists?

And the beauty queen said she had contacted lawyers to file a complaint against Matthieu Delormeau for defamation and public insult.

The columnist of TPMP refuses the debate: “She insults my mother who is no longer there”

Faced with Delphine Wespiser’s speech, Matthieu Delormeau said: “Cyril, I’m going to stop there, it’s grotesque. She insults my mother who is no longer there. I have poison in me, I’m shit. I thought there would be a little debate of I’ll stop there. I don’t want to argue with you. Argue with others. End of story.”.

“Someone who has a minimum of respect would never have compared me to Dieudonné when I was crying in front of my TV” underlined the columnist of TPMP. But he replied, to close the debate: “Not this evening”. Tensions are therefore still present and reconciliation seems far from over…

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