Trucker Path Dispatch combines technology and personal assistance

Trucker Path’s dispatch service promises to reduce office work and increase pay per load for truckers.

Participating drivers determine lanes and their freight preferences, and Trucker Path finds loads while eliminating forced dispatch, supporting control calls and helping find parking. This is all backed by a fuel optimization feature.

Friendly smiling woman call center operator with headset using computer at office

Also noteworthy are personal dispatchers that are armed with artificial intelligence tools and millions of data points, as well as truck-specific routes sent directly to the Trucker Path app. Dispatchers ensure hours of service are met and have access to over 300,000 points of interest and parking locations to find places to stop.

Participating drivers are charged 5% per assigned load.

Steve Bouchard has been writing on trucking for over 25 years, making him by far the most experienced journalist in the field in Quebec. Steve is the editor-in-chief of the influential Transport Routier magazine, published by Newcom Media Quebec, since its creation in 2000. He is also the editor-in-chief of the website, he acts as consulting editor of the magazine L’automobile and he contributes to Today’s Trucking and Truck News magazines.

Steve also writes Transport Routier’s electronic newsletter, Les Actualités du Routier, and participates in the development of communication strategies for the ExpoCam show in Montreal, owned by Newcom.

Steve has held a Class 1 driver’s license since 2004 and is the only trucking journalist in Quebec to have won Canadian Business Press Kenneth R. Wilson Awards, Gold and Silver twice each .

Steve has served as President and Board Chair of the Quebec Transportation Professionals Club and represents the media on the Suppliers Committee of the Quebec Trucking Association. In 2011, he received the prestigious “Industry Image Improvement” award from the Quebec Trucking Association.

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