Tutti Pizza expects to reach 100 pizzerias in 2022

Created in Toulouse about thirty years ago, the Tutti Pizza franchise continues to grow in France. With approximately 75 establishments spread over the whole of the national territory, the network plans toreach 100 units before 2023. Tutti Pizza intends to strengthen its presence, particularly in Bordeaux but also offers other location opportunities all over France.

Developing the franchise in Bordeaux

Launched in Toulouse, Tutti Pizza later deployed its concept in the Bordeaux region. According to the management of the network, the project of setting up Bordeaux and its surroundings came naturally. The city is economically attractive and enjoys a highly strategic position. Added to all these assets, the proximity of the network’s central office. It was thus obvious that Tutti Pizza moved to Bordeaux. Thus, a first restaurant was inaugurated there in 2016. Two other pizzerias opened their doors 3 years later.

“If the Tutti Pizza brand was born in Toulouse, Bordeaux and its outskirts quickly became obvious for the development of the franchise. Of course, this area is particularly attractive due to its economic dynamism, its location, and there is also its geographical proximity to the Toulouse birthplace of Tutti Pizza,” specifies the network head.

For greater proximity to Bordeaux consumers, the brand has set up this year a Tutti Matic within the city, thus allowing access to fresh and tasty pizzas at any time. Tutti Pizza intends to pursue the development of its network in this agglomeration. It is already planned to install 4 to 5 other pizza distributors.

Reach 100 Tutti Pizza establishments this year

In addition to its development ambition in Bordeaux and its outskirts, Tutti Pizza wishes to further strengthen its presence on the rest of the national territory. The brand intends to boost its recruitment of new franchisees and thus concretize the opening of new pizzerias. In 2022, Tutti Pizza intends to carry his network of 100 establishmentsin addition to its plan to massive deployment of the Tutti Matic concept.


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