Unusual. Apple fined for no longer supplying an AC adapter with its iPhone

It was the cold shower for this Brazilian after his purchase from Apple. Inside, there was the iPhone and a cable but not the AC adapter to plug it into an electrical outlet and thus recharge it. Taking the case to Brazilian justice, this client finally got much more, reports Insider.

“Abusive commercial practice”

Ruling in favor of the consumer, judge Vanderlei Caires Pinheiro, of the civil court of the city of Goiânia considered that it was a “tied sale”: by providing only the USB-C cable without the mains adapter , the Apple brand forces its customers to buy two separate products so that only one works perfectly. The judge described this use as an “abusive and illegal commercial practice”.

Apple defended itself by recalling that each iPhone was sold, in Brazil, with a Lightning cable (the smartphone socket) to USB-C (to connect it to an AC adapter). If in France we are used to having mains adapters equipped only with USB socket, in Brazil, some models are indeed equipped with a USB-C socket. The apple brand assumes that Brazilian consumers already own one or can buy one from another brand.

This argument was refuted by Judge Vanderlei Caires Pinheiro, who claimed that these USB-C power adapters weren’t that common.

997 euro fine

He also brushed aside the environmental argument put forward by Apple. The Californian firm had announced to stop supplying the electrical adapter in question due to a shortage of supply of one of the components of this accessory. The judge considers this argument inadmissible given that Apple nevertheless continues to manufacture these adapters and sell them separately.

Judge Vanderlei Caires Pinheiro thus ordered Apple to pay 5,000 Brazilian reals, or 997 euros, to the customer. What to buy much more than a new charger.

A precedent of 2.1 million euros

This is not the first time that the apple brand has been condemned by Brazilian justice. In 2021, the latter had fined Apple 10.55 million reals (2.1 million euros), again for abusive commercial practice. This conviction followed the brand’s announcement that electrical adapters would no longer be supplied with the iPhone 12 from 2020. Brazilian justice had estimated that the American technology giant had failed to demonstrate the “environmental gain” of such a measure.

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