Upper Loire. Quentin Sauret, fourth in the acrobatic pizza world

Last week, he participated in the French pizza championships and won three titles in the four categories in which he competed. After spending the weekend making pizzas in his establishment Le Golden, rue Saint-Jacques, Quentin Sauret hit the road again, heading for Parma, Italy, for the acrobatic pizza world championships.

He will do demonstrations for his clients.

The first event allowed him to qualify among the six best in the world and to access the grand final, which took place on Thursday 7 April. “It’s certainly the finest of my performances,” he confided to his friends on Facebook. The acceleration of the heart rate, the agitation, the stress, the adrenaline were all there. For his first participation in the event, the young Ponot finished in 4and place without blushing. “But what is all this for? I don’t know yet… I’m still the same man and, tomorrow, I’ll go back to making pizzas in my establishment, Le Golden, because I like it,” he humbly declares. In the coming weeks, he promised to organize some acrobatic demonstrations for his customers.

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