US developers have until May 20 to ask for a piece of Apple’s $100 million

American developers have until May 20 to benefit from the fund set up by Apple last year as part of an agreement with the courts. To turn off a class actionthe manufacturer will distribute $100 million to developers who sold apps or in-app purchases in the App Store between June 4, 2015 and April 26, 2021, up to $1 million or less each year.

By being part of the agreement, the developer will have to agree not to file a complaint against Apple nor to be part of a class action in connection with the object of the agreement. In exchange for this, he may receive compensation of between $250 and $30,000. Again, this only affects US developers, but the other measures included in the agreement should be of interest to the entire developer community.

It opens the possibility for developers to communicate directly with their users, which was implemented last October. Apple has also committed to publishing an annual App Store Transparency Report (statistics on the app review process, number of rejections, number of dev accounts removed, etc.).

App Store: Apple allows developers to communicate more with their users

App Store: Apple allows developers to communicate more with their users

The App Store Small Business program, which allows small developers (less than $1 million a year) to pay only 15% commission, will be retained for at least three years. The algorithm of calamitous App Store’s search engine will also remain in place for the next three years.


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