Video game: this new technology gives sensations in the mouth!

News hardware Video game: this new technology gives sensations in the mouth!

If the idea is not new and has been exciting lovers of virtual reality (VR) for a long time, a team of American researchers has just developed a helmet capable of reproducing all kinds of sensations on the face, lips or even in the mouth. Will the future of VR go through this?

Real revolution or simple accessory, virtual reality (VR) always divides the crowds at the time when we speak. And if Facebook / Meta has brought the practice to light thanks to its friendly Oculus Quest 2 autonomous headset, we can not help thinking that it still remains today, unfortunately, a niche market.

We all want to believe it, push the concept ever further and play incredible games like Half-Life: Alyx over and over again, but how many of us rushed to buy a headset to let it collect dust on a shelf like the Balance Board or other Ring Fit from Nintendo.

Project Cambria (Meta)

The comparison is deliberately exaggerated and of course VR has a great and bright future ahead of it, but we can’t help but always want more and above all always faster. In 2023, we should finally see the arrival of PSVR2 for the PlayStation 5 and we are also awaiting information on the release of at least one headset, perhaps two, at Meta with the Quest 3 and/or the famous Project Cambria, entry into the future Metaverse dear to good old Mark Zuckerberg.

Do you want to have your face covered with spiders or experience the feeling of smoking a cigarette? It is now possible

The find of the day comes straight from the United States and more precisely from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University located in the center of Pittsburgh. There, a group of researchers and students put on at least one helmet capable of reproducing a whole host of sensations on the face, lips, teeth, tongue or even in the mouth (…).

Video game: this new technology gives sensations in the mouth!Video game: this new technology gives sensations in the mouth!

To achieve such feats, the researchers developed a thin and compact network of ultrasonic transducers capable of producing haptic effects on the mouth. Important precision, the helmet is completely autonomous and does not require any additional accessory on the player or in the room.

Since a video is worth more than 1000 words, we invite you to watch the little demo below, in which we can see the young guinea pig taking spiders in the head, riding a motorcycle in the rain and even discovering the joy (?) to smoke a virtual cigarette. Basically, the helmet sends out ultrasound which produces haptic effects on different parts of the face.

We do not know if and when this technology will one day arrive on the market or if it will remain at the experimental stage, but we can see that VR, between the Metaverse, the PSVR2 and all the other projects in development have a bright future ahead of it. .

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