VIDEO. “I tried to buy with his credit card”: thousands of Amazon accounts suspended after the story of the influencer Nasdas

Many customers of the Amazon platform expressed their surprise or annoyance on Tuesday after the suspension of several accounts on the site of the online sales giant. In question: the massive use of a credit card number shared by the influencer Nasdas. The young man voluntarily released his bank details to allow his 3 million subscribers on Snapchat to make the purchases of their choice with his card. Monday evening, Eid day, which celebrates the end of Ramadan, the influencer from Perpignan had filmed and broadcast on the social network his credit card number, on which were nearly 16,000 euros. A story seen a million times in a few minutes by its subscribers.

Consequence: several merchant sites, including Amazon, were quickly saturated with orders and considered the massive use of this credit card as “fraudulent”. “We take the protection of our customers very seriously and have systems and processes in place to detect unusual and suspicious payment activity,” said an Amazon France spokesperson.

As a security measure, and to prevent fraud, Amazon has temporarily blocked the accounts of customers who have made purchases with the Nasdas card. “The accounts of the customers concerned will be reactivated 48 hours after the blocking, with their means of payment”, continues this spokesperson for Amazon who adds that this is “the first time that we have blocked accounts. of this magnitude”.

Antoine, a 17-year-old high school student, says he was one of the first to be able to make purchases on Amazon thanks to the Nasdas card to order in particular “a computer keyboard”. “With my friends, we thought that this operation was a crazy thing, that we were going to buy crazy things. “. “But the next morning, I saw that my mother’s Amazon account, with which I had made the orders, was blocked”. Rachel, a 50-year-old stay-at-home mother from Strasbourg, whose minor son placed an order via her account, simply hopes “that (her) account will be reactivated”.

The mother of the family was annoyed by the operation carried out by the influencer: “Today I see a lot of kids crying, really badly, and I tell myself that there is something not normal there. … He dangled something for them”. For Antoine, who has been following Nasdas for several months “It’s not his fault, it’s just a security procedure that blocked all these accounts…”

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