VIDEO. Jason and Camille are schizophrenic, this is their daily life as a couple




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This schizophrenic couple met more than 5 months ago. Eventually, they plan to settle down together and start their family. Brut met them to discover their daily life.

As a couple for several months, Jason and Camille support each other in the disease.

“With this disease, you need a lot of courage”admits Camille before adding: “Sometimes I’m not brave enough, I clearly want to die”.

“It has also happened that I have voices telling me to hurt him, and despite everything, he remains by my side”.

Jason had already testified for Brut, 3 years ago. Since then he has been under treatment and he says: “I manage to be completely autonomous in my treatment, I have a life.”

“The fight I made, all the suffering I had, I find that they still have merit, because they made me stronger”explains the young man.

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