Was Ophélie Winter homeless? His manager finally reveals the truth…

It seems that she has found”this guiding force” her steps. On Sunday April 10, 2022, Ophélie Winter surprised the Accor Arena audience, made up of 13,000 people, by going on stage to regain her 1995 title God gave me faith with Julien Doré. Discreetly, out of sight, the singer is working on her big comeback with a new professional entourage. We should certainly hear her voice soon, since she would be in full negotiation with a major, and she also shot a short, humorous program, on a hiking background for Canal Plus Réunion.

She was moving to Reunion!

If she collaborates with the chain, it is simply because Ophélie Winter left the metropolis, three years ago, in order to settle on the side of the Indian Ocean. This is why she would have been photographed, in 2019, by paparazzi while she was transporting boxes in her car – she was then suspected of being homeless. “She was repatriating her last belongings when she was ‘paparazzed’says Christopher Davin, his new manager, in the columns of the magazine Gala. She was moving to Reunion It is true that, for some time, the artist appeared systematically, on social networks, at the edge of paradisiacal beaches.

Ophelia has often been betrayed

The rumors about his housing worries… it was Ophélie Winter who would have launched them, in order to find out who, in his entourage, was in charge of disclosing them behind his back. “Ophélie has often been betrayed, she has never had a framework either, we are working on it, it was the condition for a collaboration“, says Christopher Davin. Boosted by his surprise duet with Julien Doré, the 48-year-old artist, originally from Boulogne-Billancourt, would now be ready to put his velvet voice on new titles. Can’t wait for the rest of his adventures.. .

Find all the information about Ophélie Winter in the magazine Gala, n°1507 of April 28, 2022.

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