Was she really on the street? The truth is coming to light!

In September 2019, the television world panicked after seeing tabloid photos showing Ophelie Winter without makeup.

Ophélie Winter storing her belongings with friends left and right or in her car.

With the shocking title Ophélie Winter SDF, many media personalities had quickly deduced that the star singer of the 1990s was living on the streets, completely ruined. His car accident on September 25, 2019, which landed him at the Foch hospital in Suresnes, in the Hauts-de-Seine, did not help the rumors.

But this is not the case. The manager of the interpreter of Letter to France has put an end once and for all to these rumors, the article of which is available on newsstands this Thursday, April 28, 2022.

Ophélie Winter was in the process of repatriating her last personal effects when she was paparazzed in 2019. She was settling in Reunion!, assured her manager Christopher Davin. At the time of the publication of these disturbing photos, Cyril Hanouna had called her to get her reaction on the spot.

Believing at first to have a private conversation with the host of TPMP, she understood too late that he was in fact asking her to react live to sensationalist articles. But instead of justifying herself, singer Ophélie Winter preferred to remain silent. Why such a reaction if she has never been homeless?

According to the revelations of the manager of the star, Ophelia Winter would have in fact spread false rumors about her in order to identify, in her entourage, the mole who relayed her movements.

A risky strategy, especially since the 48-year-old singer has long had the reputation of being an unmanageable artist.

We are working on it, it was the condition for a collaboration, admitted Christopher Davin, who now wishes to relaunch his musical career after his years of absence from the radio waves.

Ophélie Winter has been boosted since her duet with Julien Doré in April 2022.

After this period of turmoil, Ophélie Winter is now looking for serenity and stability in her career. A few months ago, she shot for a comedy show in Reunion. A beautiful project, which ensures visibility on the screen with the broadcast of around thirty episodes next September.

If the former Dance with the Stars candidate enjoys hiking under the island sun and meditation, the first host of the NRJ Music Awards does not forget the song, going on stage with Julien Doré to interpret his title God gave me faith on April 9, 2022.

Ophelie Winter

Ophélie Winter put pressure on herself for her duet with Julien Doré at the Accord Arena, explains her manager. But the public clamor gave him a boost. We can therefore expect to hear the voice of the pretty blonde again in the near future.

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