“We lost our daughter”, the parents of Léna, in a vegetative state, testify

For them, everything changed on February 14, 2022, Valentine’s Day. Léna and her little sister eat a Buitoni pizza bought in a supermarket that day. “A small pleasure that we regularly offer ourselves as a family. Always with this same product that we appreciated,” says Father Cédric. The next day, the young girl complained of severe stomach aches. Four days later, the pains become more severe and Léna passes out when she gets out of bed. She then has diarrhea and bloody stools.

“The future is very dark”

The little girl then had an ultrasound at the children’s hospital in Brabois. An inflammation of the intestines was diagnosed and she was allowed to go home, without any particular treatment. But the same evening, his condition deteriorates. On the advice of the SAMU, the family goes back to the hospital. “She is on dialysis and the results of a blood culture reveal the presence of contamination with E. coli bacteria, the toxins of which are likely to affect the brain”, comments the father. Her 12-year-old daughter is transferred to intensive care. “She stuck out her tongue, saw double, her eyes went in all directions,” he says.

Léna was then plunged into an artificial coma for eight days by the doctors. When he wakes up, the results of the exams come out. She has severe brain damage. Lena, in a vegetative state, no longer reacts. “We live from day to day and for now, the future is very bleak,” commented his parents. “There are bound to be those responsible who will have to be condemned because at this time we lost our daughter because she ate a piece of pizza. »

Filing of complaints

On RMC, they also testified to the “fight of their life” by questioning the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, “to absent subscribers”. They would have liked him to speak out on this public health scandal. Cédric and Sophie decided to file a complaint and entrust the procedure to the lawyer Me Pierre Debuisson, in charge of at least 45 cases related to the consumption of contaminated pizzas, “including two fatal cases of children and a miscarriage” . This lawyer also defends the family of little Eléa, in Saint-Jean-de-Luz (64), who filed a complaint against X. Their daughter had also been sent to the hospital after consuming a contaminated pizza from the Fraich range ‘Up.

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