We tested Mister V’s frozen pizzas (yes, they really exist)

Three million views in one weekend, the new video of Mister V, on his new business of frozen pizzas, breaks YouTube as usual. But the real surprise is the immediate marketing of these famous pizzas. So we took a trip to the supermarket and the guy didn’t lie: the “delamama pizza” are there, with the head of Mister V on the box, for the sum of 3.95 euros.

We slip two into the basket, beep boop the automatic cash register and head home to taste this joke come true.

The “Six Fromagio” and the “Royale Pouleto” therefore, two pizzas weighing just under 500 grams, have… the head of frozen pizzas. Of those with a fairly thick dough a fairly basic filling. But for the price and the format, we obviously did not expect anything else. So we take the pizzas out of their packaging and shoo, in the oven, following the advice of the packaging with quality valves.

About twenty minutes later, the pizzas are golden, the cheese is melting and you are in a hurry to burn your palate, a must when tasting a frozen pizza.

The result, up to the promise; that of two frozen pizzas at less than 4 euros each. It’s nutritious, it’s not bad, but it’s obviously not revolutionary. So, will we buy Mister V’s pizzas? Probably, the day when we will have before us the choice between two frozen pizzas and we will prefer the joke to a stock photo of an Italian landscape.

Mister V’s pizzas are available for sale at Carrefour and Auchan.

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