We’ve never seen the Apple Watch Series 7 so inexpensive

News good plan We’ve never seen the Apple Watch Series 7 so inexpensive

Apple’s latest smartwatch is hugely popular. Today, Apple sells more watches than all Swiss watchmakers combined and almost all iPhone owners think of the Apple Watch. The Series 7 was released in the fall of 2021. However, it has just fallen on sale at pretty crazy prices.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is at a crazy price

Before explaining in detail the capabilities of the object, let’s talk about what probably made you click on this news: the price of the Apple Watch Series 7.

The world’s best-selling watch comes in 2 different sizes: 41mm and 45mm (diagonal). It also exists in several colors, more or less popular; and several materials, more or less prestigious. Depending on these parameters, the price of an Apple Watch can vary quite a bit.

Anyway, there are currently some crazy promos on Rakuten. The cheapest Series 7 is sold at €334, a price that we had simply never seen. As a reminder, on the Apple site, the watch is sold from €419.

Already that promotions on apple products are rare, such strong promotions are almost never seen, especially on such a recent product.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 from 334€ on Rakuten

Compared to the Series 6, the big advantage of the Series 7 is the consideration of fast charging and above all the truly edge-to-edge, slightly curved screen, which allows a 20% larger interface for the same format. at wrist.

Notes about the seller

It is important to take into account that Rakuten is what is called a “market place”. Clearly, this means that more or less anyone can offer to sell tech products on the site. Therefore, it is always essential to check thehas reliability of a seller. We have done this work for you.

AMobile City is a professional seller that we have come across a bunch of times with tens of thousands of transactions to their credit. Tons of verified buyers have rated the seller, and the average rating is 4.7/5. In short, it’s very solid, you can go there with your eyes closed. Even the after-sales service is super responsive.

Why is the Apple Watch selling so well?

First considered as pure gadgets, connected watches are invading the world. Word of mouth is doing its job and more and more people understand the value of having a piece of high tech on their wrist.

This can be explained in several ways. Already, the Apple Watch is an easy-to-use and ultra-practical product. It can serve as the first smartphone for a child (who can therefore be contacted by his parents without having access to games or TikTok), for an elderly person who benefits from health monitoring or options such as fall detection, athletes of course, but also tech lovers.

For us, the greatest strength of a connected watch is the simplicity with which it fits into everyday life and its immense capacity to… disconnect you (yes it’s surprising but let’s explain).

For everyday simplicity, this is easily explained: no need to take out your credit card anymore, you pay with your wrist, to control your connected bulbs, watch the weather, manage your music on spotify… all these micro tasks for which you had to take out your smartphones become simpler.

As for the disconnection, you will see, it is quite logical. In 2022, many of us are addicted to our smartphone, spending more than 3 hours a day on it. Why ? Because each notification is likely to lead us into an infernal loop. Instead of just replying to a text, you’ll open Twitter, then Instagram, then a game…

On a Watch, you see your message, reply to it, and…that’s it.

Impossible to enter a loop that traps you in application algorithms designed for retention. For many people, it feels good.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 from 334€ on Rakuten

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