What could Apple do with its 90 billion cash? (buy Tesla? Netlix? Peloton?)

During the questions and answers after the publication of the results, Tim Cook acquitted himself with ease of the exercise. He was notably questioned by Wamsi Mohan (Bank of America) on Apple’s strategy for acquiring other companies, particularly in the health, content or fitness/sport segment.

In the past, many rumors have indeed evoked Tesla, Disney, Netflix and, more recently, Peloton (the firm of cycles and other connected sports products). It must be said that the Californian firm has a Mountain of cash and could quite afford one or more companies.

But, according to its CEO, Cupertino reportedly more interested in onboarding talent than acquiring other companieseven if she remains on the lookout for any opportunity.

Q: You are in the enviable position of well beyond a cash neutral target. On the one hand, you have $90 billion in cash – which is 3% of Apple’s market valuation – and on the other, there are a lot of assets that have synergies with Apple in healthcare. or content related to health or fitness. Wouldn’t now be a good time to consider buying assets rather than stocks or securities?

A: We only want to acquire strategic things, acquire a lot of small companies, and we would continue to do so to obtain intellectual property rights and great talents. But we also don’t neglect to do something bigger if the opportunity arises. I don’t want to go through my list with you on the phone, but we’re still looking.

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