What is Apple Fitness and what can this app do for you?

Apple Fitness is Apple’s workout tracking app. On its own, the Apple Fitness app doesn’t do much. Running on your iPhone, it simply displays today’s activity. But when you pair it with an Apple Watch (and possibly some fitness equipment), it shows its full potential. It motivates you to get and stay in shape.

First, to avoid confusion, there is no Apple Fitness app on the Apple Watch. Instead, the Apple Watch tracks your overall activity using its internal sensors. There’s a Workout app that helps you tell Apple Watch (and, by extension, Apple Fitness) when you’re exercising and what type of exercise you’re doing.

There’s also an Activity app that lets you check the status of your rings. At the heart of the whole system are three rings devilish in their simplicity and efficiency. The red ring is the movement ring. It tracks all of your movements throughout the day. The green ring is the exercise ring. It tracks the time spent exercising. And the blue ring shows the number of times you get up during the day.

Three rings to rule them

Movement is measured in calories. You can specify how many calories you want to burn each day, and the red ring will slowly close as you burn calories. This method proves to be very challenging because you get points for going up and down stairs, moving objects in the workshop, cooking lunch in the kitchen, and for anything that constitutes hands-on activity.

Workouts are measured through a wide range of workout types in the Training app. Workouts are measured by tracking the movements of the watch on your body as well as your heart rate. Sometimes the app won’t track exercise if the heart rate isn’t high enough, which can lead to incorrect readings for people taking medications designed to control heart rate. For these people, there is an open workout type that just tracks exercise time (it still records your heart rate but doesn’t use it to trigger the end of the workout).

The third ring is for standing. It asks you to get up at least once every hour for 12 hours (although you can specify the number of hours). He tends to be picky. It doesn’t just record standing. You have to stand for a certain time or register a certain number of movements. If you’re stuck in meetings all day, there are days when you just can’t get enough hours on your feet to close the rings.

In the 2021 release of iOS 15, Apple added a mindfulness app to the Apple Watch. The app reminds you to breathe or reflect based on the settings you choose. It also tracks your heart rate as you practice your mindfulness activity. Your mindfulness activity data is downloaded from the watch to the iPhone, and you can view a summary and more detailed log of your mindfulness exercises in the Apple Fitness app.

What is Apple Fitness Plus?

For its part, Apple Fitness Plus is a completely different application from Apple Fitness. Apple Fitness is the app we described. Apple Fitness Plus is a video streaming service that sends workout videos to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. In a way, Apple Fitness Plus is Apple’s answer to the Peloton without the bike. It lets you use your existing home gear, even if it’s just a set of weights.

The app connects you to videos from a huge number of trainers on a wide range of exercises, and you can play those workouts. What gives the app that little Apple something is that your watch data and workout completion information is displayed on the screen. So if you watch Apple Fitness Plus on your Apple TV, you can see your heart rate and exercise results in real time.

Source: ZDNet.com

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